Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Your “Penis” is your Clitty

Unfortunately you were born with a tiny little thing dangling between your legs which doctors and other people call a “penis.” But this isn’t really a penis. A Man has a penis, and you are nowhere close to being a Man. The small little thing in between your legs is really just a mistake, and a useless one at that. It cannot satisfy a Woman and it most definitely cannot satisfy a Man. Perhaps the only thing it can be used is for is an object of humor and humiliation. The other thing is of course pee comes out of there, and that’s its only purpose.

It’s such a pathetic little thing that you don’t deserve the title “penis.” This thingy between your legs is closer to a female clitoris, but it is so pathetic it does not deserve to be called a “clitoris” either. It is really called a “clitty” and this is how you will refer to it from now on. That thingy between your legs is a clitty, darling.

Whenever you look down there, you should say “oh my! What a tiny and useless clitty I have!”

Now remember, this “clitty” of yours is also the property of your Master. So you have to keep your clitty clean and smelling fresh.

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